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While the Web3 industry has largely focused on tokens and protocols, user-facing products have been neglected. The store aims to change this by prioritizing user utility.
Magic Store, our pioneering Web3 app store, is well vetted by the community, allowing the community to access top-rated apps created by leading developers, all in one.
Magic Store offers users a seamless experience by allowing users to manage their Web3 apps: discover new apps that fit their needs, download and use them across multiple devices. Users now can access them with just one click, without the need for lengthy registration processes.
Many Web3 projects establish their communities during the stage of crowdfunding such as ICOs and IDOs, but these communities often only focus on waiting for price appreciation and never actually use the product they invested in. Furthermore, many projects do not have a fully developed product to offer during their initial token sale.
Our goal is to break this cycle by creating a community with viable products that meet various needs. This platform allows developers to build their own community of users and effectively monetize their apps. Through a voting process, users can access vetted whitelisted apps, which will prevent the publication of scams and inappropriate applications.
The Magic Store contains three main pages Discover, Apps, and Games, where users can find Web3 apps categorized in blocks adapted to the users needs. Apps that can be found in this section are all ready-to-use. For the apps that are still in the process of development - we have created a new section on the Store called “Upcoming”. Users may filter apps by category and chain, sort by rating and chronologically.
Apps can be desktop, mobile or web.

App Categories Available on Magic Store:

  • DeFi (investing, marketplace, staking, use-to-earn, swapping, yield farming, lending, payments, trading, wallet, bridge, launchpad, aggregator)
  • Games, Metaverse, NFT
  • Media, Music, Social Media
  • Exchanges (CEX, DEX)
  • Centralized Finance Apps
  • Software and Utilities

The key Magic Store elements are:

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